We offer a platform to create and launch online courses, with deep virtual classroom capabilities.
Impartus provides a platform to launch online courses, wherein institutions can conduct both live online sessions as well as on-demand video based learning. The Impartus product suite has rich features for large moderated online sessions as well as interactive learning at one’s own pace.
Our Solutions
Virtual Classroom
  • Platform to enrich existing programs by extending the classroom for online students
  • Expand the reach of your institution beyond the physical boundaries
  • The professor can live-stream videos from multiple cameras and screens
  • Real time interaction with students through video conferencing, live chat and polls
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Large Moderated Sessions
  • Reach out to thousands of users at one go
  • Live delivery of content through CDNs
  • Talk to participants in moderated mode
  • Real time interaction through chat and polls
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On-demand Learning
  • Automated recording & distribution of all VC sessions
  • Compatible with all popular operating systems and devices
  • Secure delivery of video content
  • In-depth analytics to track the usage
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Interactivity & Assessment
  • Online and Offline interactivity tools
  • Live Chat, Polls and discussion forum
  • Assessment platform bundled
  • Audit log of all activities
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