What We Offer
We offer a wide range of customizable solutions for both large and small institutions
Impartus provides innovative video-enabled learning solutions that drive better outcomes for the higher education sector. The Impartus product suite offers easy, seamless integration to help educators extend learning experiences outside of the classroom and provide relevant content to a diverse body of students around the world.
Lecture Capture
A cutting edge end-to-end solution to automatically record complete classroom experience. The adaptive and secure videos can be consumed live or on-demand from web and mobile applications. The platform also enables students and professor for collaborative learning by sharing content. Enriched with advance search, analytics and Karma, the solution can seamlessly be integrated with Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, D2L and other well known LMS available in market.
Content Authoring
  • Timetable Based, pre-scheduled Recording
  • Multi-Camera, Multi-Type, Multi-View Recording
  • Desktop capture
  • Audio & Video Cleanups
  • Accelerated Processing
  • Multi Bit-Rate Encoding
  • Encrypted and Secure
Additional Strengths
  • High-availability Architecture
  • Real-time Audio Monitoring
  • Slide Extraction
  • Thumbnail Extraction
Virtual Classrooms
Through the use of Virtual Classroom, the institutes tend to enrich their existing programs. Not just it saves time and money, it provides a perfect platform to extend the classroom for online students attending from a remote location. Using video conferencing solution, the professor can live-stream his/her video and presentation and interact in real time with students through live interactions and chat.
Core Features
  • Multi-camera Broadcast
  • Multi-view Broadcast
  • Screen Share
  • Text Chat
Value Added Features
  • Moderated Sessions
  • Hand-Raises
  • Real-time Poll
  • Recording of live lectures
Additional Strengths
  • Multi-resolution Broadcast
  • Large audience supported
  • Secure Transport
  • Slide Extraction
Connected Classrooms
Impartus Connected Classroom enables the institutes to connect classrooms within or across institutes. Students can not only view lectures but communicate with the professor in real time from different campuses.
Multiple Video Sources
  • IP Camera
  • WebCam
  • External USB Camera
  • Desktop Sharing
Live Audio Video Conferencing
  • Attend from a connected classroom or remote location
  • Available on multiple browser and mobile applications
  • Chat and collaborate with participants in real time
Analytics and Reports
  • List of attendees
  • Real time poll results
  • Insightful quiz responses
Live Stream
Livestream lets you expand the reach of your institution beyond the physical boundaries. Students can watch live lectures from home, or any other comfortable location and on any device including desktops, tablets, mobile devices etc.
Core Features
  • Broadcast multiple streams
  • Multi-Camera, Multi-Type Recording
  • Desktop capture
Value Add Features
  • Simple interface to start session
  • Multiple browser support
  • Tablets and mobile devices
Additional Strengths
  • Secure Access
  • Recording of Live Stream
  • Cloud based scalable platform
Flipped Classrooms
The flipped classroom describes a reversal of traditional teaching where students get access to the lecture video and course material before the class. Impartus enables professors to record, edit, host, and publish course content using its platform. Content may include recorded lectures, existing videos, Word documents, presentations, and other related materials. Professors can notify students of this new content via platform communications tools such as text, email, alerts, etc.
Core Features
  • Multi-camera, Multi-audio support
  • Screen Capture
  • Resolution & Frame rate selection
  • Video Editing & Review
Value Added Features
  • Categorization of videos
  • Go-live date selection
  • Select local storage
  • Download Recorded lectures
Additional Strengths
  • Publish to cloud
  • Multi-platform support
  • Offline operation
  • Upload digital content
Lecture Video Library
Impartus provides a complete video capturing, VCMS and video delivery solution for the colleges to set up their online digital library.
Content Authoring
  • Complete video capturing solution
  • Editing and Review
  • Manage online video library
  • Video Content Management System
Value Added Features
  • Content Rating
  • Lecture Feedback
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Self-Subscription
Content Distribution
  • Open or Restricted distribution
  • Integration with payment gateway
  • Featured Content
  • Adaptive and secure delivery