We offer turnkey lecture capture solution which enables automatic audio video recording and distribution of classroom lectures.
Impartus provides innovative video-enabled learning solutions that drive better outcomes for educational institutions. The Impartus product suite – comprising of hardware, software and support services – offers better learning experience for students and assists in self-improvement of faculty.
Our Solutions
Lecture Capture
  • Automatically record complete classroom experience
  • Adaptive and secure videos accessible from web and mobile applications
  • Platform for collaborative learning, content sharing, advance search and analytics
  • Seamless integration with Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, D2L and other LMSs
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Virtual Classroom
  • Platform to enrich existing programs by extending the classroom for online students
  • Expand the reach of your institution beyond the physical boundaries
  • The professor can live-stream videos from multiple cameras and screens
  • Real time interaction with students through video conferencing, live chat and polls
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Flipped Classroom
  • Enables professors to record, edit and publish course content before the lecture
  • Multiple camera, multiple audio and screen share supported
  • Edit Videos and preview before publishing the lectures
  • Upload additional content such as documents, presentations etc.
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  • Structured video content library
  • Content distribution in various modes
  • Adaptive and secure video delivery solution
  • Supports all popular operating systems and devices
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We can help increase the performance of your institution providing huge value to students, professors and Administrators
For Students
Have access to education content anytime, anywhere and can learn at their own pace. The platform encourages for a collaborative learning to achieve a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the course.
For Professors
Revamp their teaching style to offer better contextual and relevant content supplementing their lectures. An interactive teaching environment to effectively engage both classroom and remote students.
For Administrators
A scalable solution to cater the increase in students enrollments and course offerings saving a substantial cost and logistics. Access to several reports to measure and track the objectives and to ensure the best usage and achievements for both students and teachers.