We understand a corporate's learning and development needs and have designed our solutions accordingly
Impartus provides innovative video-enabled learning solutions that drive better outcomes for the corporate sector. Impartus product suite offers easy, seamless integration to help businesses save substantial money and time in trainings and knowledge sharing.
Our Solutions
Learning and Development
  • Easily record and share training videos with new and existing employees
  • Save time and money by recording training events
  • Strong Analytics to measure the effectiveness of training
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Live Corporate Training
  • Conduct live training sessions over video conferencing
  • Defeat any geographical boundaries
  • Enable participants to clear their doubts in real time
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Enterprise Learning Content
  • Create a corpus of learning videos and make it searchable for all the employees
  • Collate data-driven and evidence based content to create a training module
  • Ensure authorized access and security of the content
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Webcast Events
  • Live Webcast sessions to expand target audience
  • Participants can watch live using a pc, tablet or smartphone
  • Record and make your webcast available on-demand
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We can help increase the performance of your institution providing huge value to learners, trainers and decision makers
Have access to training content anytime, anywhere and can learn at their own pace. The platform encourages for a collaborative learning to achieve a deeper and more comprehensive understanding.
Revamp their delivery style to offer better contextual and relevant content supplementing their discourse. An interactive training environment to effectively engage and coach both localized and remote learners.
A substantial cost and resource saving to serve more trainees. A scalable solution to cater the increase in training programs. Access to several reports to measure and track the objectives and to ensure the best usage and achievements for both students and instructors.