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In contemporary education, Flipped Classroom is being considered as a new paradigm in teaching. However, Impartus also perceives it as an important tool to strengthen the instructors in providing blended learning to their students. Flipped classroom, enables professors to create differentiated content to cater distinct cognitive levels of students, thus providing a personal learning environment.

By Gurpreet Singh Sachdeva

The traditional way of teaching has uncertainty about the average retention of concepts in the students, especially when this is definite that the students have different intellectual levels. Consuming the lecture in the class and performing other activities like reading textbooks, case studies, taking assignments etc. at home, can not certain the recall rate of what has been taught to them. On the other end when the students consume the flipped lecture at their own pace online at home, they can prepare relevant doubts and in the class discuss them with the faculty.

How is it beneficial for students?

Many types of research and experience of the modern schools using flipped classroom have announced tremendous growth in the effectiveness of teaching after they introduced flipped learning in their curriculum. Studies have shown that it allows students to learn at their own pace as videos can be rewind and watched again and again. Also, it’s more efficient as students enter the classroom prepared to contribute thereby enriching the whole classroom experience, as more time can be spent in group work and projects. Doing homework in class allows students to help each other, which benefits both the advanced and less advanced learners. Students can watch the videos anytime anywhere on their mobile devices as well.

Why professors love it?

In the old school, the professors would mostly get engaged with the set of most confident students who would always lead in asking questions during the class. Flipping a lecture allows teachers to target students who really need help. And to create such a content, all they need is a constructive and a powerful tool which is easy to use, operate, and does not add any burden to them.

Impartus understands the real challenges professors would face to create flipped lectures and have developed a very intuitive, user-friendly, multi-platform application to help them. The Impartus Flipped Classroom application provides a draft board where professors can record videos anytime and at any convenient place, even when the internet is not available. Professors can then package these videos under a topic and publish it as a complete flipped lecture, making it available to the students on a particular date well in advance.

The application supports multiple cameras, audio sources, screen share and some of the advanced features including video editing, controlling the FPS or resolution at which the videos should get recorded. Impartus’ tremendous past experience in media learning has enabled us in choosing the right media format, video management and content delivery methodologies resulting in a rich and secure media experience for the users.

Professors can also upload their previous recorded lectures, third party videos, additional help content etc. to explain the concept and earn more time to focus on methods of teaching that suit their style in the classroom. Once video lectures are available on the cloud, the same lecture can be reused for subsequent sessions.

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