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Rapidly changing nature of the global industry and the subsequent restructuring of technology aggressively demands changing the conventional style of teaching, especially in the engineering colleges. With tonnes of information around and new innovations happening almost every day, many institutes have started to identify the necessary changes and pursue appropriate reforms.

By Gurpreet Singh Sachdeva

One of these reforms is to include videos as an integral part of education and the primary source of creating video content is through lecture capture. The solution along with the video and audio of the professor, records the slides and other material used for the lesson. The videos are then uploaded to the cloud and are made available for the students to watch anytime and anywhere. Students can consume them at their own pace and gradually inculcate the subject being taught.

Predominantly in the case of an experiment, practical demonstration, teaching formulas or equations the video-on-demand allows students to closely examine the steps or pause and focus on important information. This allows students to reduce any cognitive gap between what they understood in the class and what actually was the intent of the lecture” says Amit Mahensaria, the co-founder and CEO of Impartus Innovations, India’s leading Lecture Capture solution provider.

Impartus is providing their solution to more than 50 engineering colleges across India.The company provides lecture capture as a turnkey solution and integration compatibility with many popular LMS’. Their video platform for education also works as a feature rich eLearning platform. Other than just recording videos, the platform enables the instructor to enhance the audio/video quality, ensure content security and adaptive distribution. All these are done in an automated fashion and backed with a powerful analytics to track the usage.

Lecture capture also enables institutes to focus on the performance of their faculty. With the availability of video capture, educators can easily review their lectures and reflect upon their own performance to recognize the fallouts and improve accordingly. The utility of the solution is well evident from the fact that it is highly appreciated by corporates who come for placement as well as accreditation agencies like NAAC / NBA.

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