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In the recent era, many Edtech companies have launched their education products but not many of them are focusing about how education can be inculcated faster with collaboration and knowledge sharing.

By Gurpreet Singh Sachdeva

Collaborative learning has become very important in contemporary education. It enables students to explore and discover new cognitive dimensions by inducing critical thinking through discussions and notes sharing. It also shapes up their social interaction skills, promoting student-professor and student-student interactions. The more students interact, the better they can follow a team approach to problem-solving, yet maintaining individual accountability to create new content.

Students need more and more access to multi-dimensional solutions for their problems. Hence, it is important to have a threaded discussion where many subject matter experts around that course, lecture or a topic can share their ideas. This would increase student’s depth, retention, and a quest for knowledge.

Universities and colleges in India are certainly open and want to adopt this in the modern education but they do not have a pertinent platform for that. And therefore students are pulled more towards Quora and Stack Overflow where they are lost and sometimes distracted from the relevant problem.

Impartus 3.0 release in its entirely new user experience has introduced this platform in the contemporary model of teaching. This has enabled students to post a query related to a topic, course or a lecture thereby initiating the discussion. The question gets automatically tagged with the topics and is notified to subject matter experts who could post the answer or a comment to further explore the intent of the question. Students can also manually add or edit topics to make it more relevant and consumable.

Both professors and students can follow topics. They can post their own questions, respond to other posted questions and upvote already posted answers. By these activities, students earn points and can become star students. Besides topics, students can follow other star students and professor and can get notifications on their posted content.

Another critical feature in this release is to provide a free knowledge vault called “Backpack” to each and every student and professor where one can store course-related contents (Notes, Lecture clips, additional videos, and documents) that can be accessed anytime anywhere.

Impartus is strongly committed to constantly providing students better ways to collaborate and share knowledge using the best of technology for the better education in future.

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