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As we head into the exam time, the specter of final exams weighs heavily on the minds of most university students. This is the moment of truth that they’ve been anticipating, and sometimes dreaded, for months – the time when they will be measured on what they’ve been able to learn and retain during the course of the term.

Most students will devote as much time and effort as they can muster to review and study for their exams. But what if they never captured the correct information while they were in class? If the key messages and ideas of the classroom lecture aren’t contained within their notes, there is slim hope that more studying will improve their performance on exams. The right kind of supplementary information to learn more about these topics will be difficult to find. In a sense, the game might seem rigged against less-advanced students.

These students who fall between the cracks are a chief point of pain for professors who toil away through the term. It’s frustrating for dedicated educators who have tried their best to impart their knowledge to their students only to find that much of it was not absorbed, at a point in the term where it’s too late to do anything about it. Poor exam scores reflect poorly upon the educators, as well as the students.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Video can make educational content more compelling and memorable for students throughout the term and has proven to be enormously effective in helping students prepare for final exams. In fact, in a recent study by Northern Ireland’s Queen’s University Belfast, 96 percent of students surveyed cited exam preparation as a motivation for reviewing videos of classroom lectures. In another study conducted at University College London, student viewing of videos peaked right before exams, with an average of 10,000 views per week, and a third study cited up to a 15% improvement rate in exam pass rates.

You can help your students ace their finals this term by utilizing video-based technology. Here are a few practical tips for utilizing the Impartus platform to help your students prepare for their final exams:

  • Share your notes: Professors often include notes on the board during the lecture, but they are not always legible or visible on the video for review after class. The Impartus platform enables you to save your own notes and share them with the class in a more accessible format, which also saves valuable time in class for other activities.
  • Include attachments: In addition to capturing the classroom lecture, Impartus provides the ability to share links to external content, including relevant articles and other information that can serve as a useful supplement to the lecture. This feature helps to encourage active learning.
  • Use video bookmarks: Students rarely review the entire lecture but instead replay sections that are causing difficulty, or that they believe contain key points for review. Impartus allows you to bookmark specific video segments for future reference so that students will know which ones to review.

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