Expand Your Circle of Influence Through Video

Video Learning
As any good educator knows, the amount of time spent preparing for the classroom experience far exceeds the time actually spent in class. Similarly, for many students, it takes quite a bit of time outside the classroom to fully absorb and understand the material that you present in class. Some may need a few repetitions, and others may need the material to be presented in a variety of ways before they can fully absorb the material. Video can address all of these concerns. It enhances traditional classroom teaching by allowing students to virtually re-live their classroom experience on anytime, anywhere basis. It also allows instructors to supplement lectures with other types of media and materials. Video also provides an opportunity for great instructors to receive more recognition for their work…
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Connecting classrooms to spread the good word

Product Features, Video Learning
Impartus takes video-enabled learning solutions to remote areas By The Hindu Business Line B2B start-up models are enjoying growing faith among entrepreneurs and investors because they tend to become profitable at a faster rate than pure consumer-focused businesses. B2B start-ups typically rely on a strong product and the power of partnerships, which in turn seems to help them be conservative on spending, and even remain lean while pursuing growth. And in what seems to be a balanced combination of commercial growth and social impact, edu-tech start-up, Impartus Innovations is gunning for wider reach even in rural or inaccessible parts of the country, besides currently setting up teams in international markets. ‘Social good’ canvas Amit Mahensaria, Co-founder, Impartus Innovations, says, “There are brick-and-mortar universities that may be hundreds of years old,…
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